One of my favourite objects in the Cathedral is the icon of the Baptism of Christ which can be seen in the nave by the south-west doors

The artist is celebrated Norwegian icon painter and scholar Solrunn Nes and was originally brought to the Cathedral in 2014.

The amazing thing about icons is that some ways it does not matter who the artist is or when it was created because they transcend such things.  Whilst there are some aspects of originality in each icon, they largely remain easily identifiable.  I am comforted that whether I am in Istanbul or London, I know I am looking at the Baptism of Christ right now even though I cannot read the Greek inscriptions. 

The vivid blue of the River Jordan has a calming effect on me, whilst Christ and I look directly at each other, just as all other viewers have done before me.  In this way, icons allow us to commune with each other, and with Christ.

Emily, Visitor Engagement Officer