My favourite spot in the Cathedral is near the West window and the Font – where one can see the magnificent wooden roof bosses

Beautifully carved – with the contrast between the graceful pelican and the terrifying gargoyle of Judas disappearing into it’s mouth. Why these? Apart from the historical link with the nave, on a personal note – my father and I frequently visited the Cathedral on Saturday mornings in the mid-1960s. We used to stand – by the Font- so this for me is a special place with happy memories of our visits. He bought the Pitkin guide book and we used to walk round, looking at the beautiful building. Always wonderful when the organist was practising too.

When I carry out my duties as Day Chaplain, I always make a point of visiting the bosses, and standing by them (and even touching the beautiful carving). My father is there with me.

When I now say the hourly prayers and read at the midday Eucharist, I often wonder what he and my mother would have thought.

A special spot – in a special building.

Marilyn, Day Chaplain